Life change report

Before Ortho: I felt like I looked 'strange'. My teeth were very obvious and slanted to one side. I smiled with my hand covering my mouth, and I had no confidence.
After Ortho: My smile is something to be proud of and I get complements all the time. I do not hide my teeth with my hand, of course! I am a new person.





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Teeth are moved in to previously determined position to get the optimum results that children as well as adults can smile with confidence, masticate efficiently and even get rid of temperomandibular pains which can precipitate as headaches in most men and women.Treatment of orthodontic treatment is done with braces.After looking at the X rays you are asked to take at your clinic a treatment is formulated with the help of an intelligent software ‘Dental Workshop’ to give the dental surgeon who treats you with the best options on treatment plans it has in store.So that the human error is minimized.The on the next visit the dental surgeon will explain you the treatment plan.
The brace can be silver in colour which are the favorites among teenagers where they can be changed to any colour their imagination takes them.For adults priorities may be different as they may need the treatment in a concealed way. So the tooth coloured braces and invisible braces are in store for them. Where the time duration does not matter as the braces could be worn even during the day of their wedding as they are invisible.Not like the invisalign the braces need not have the corporation of the patient to wear them.Invisible braces are are an indication for children if they are involved in contact sports as it want injure the lips more  than the injury it self by wearing the invisible braces.
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